Expert's Meeting Zone

Expert’s Meeting Zone은 Mini Lecture 세션과 같이 각 주제의 전문가와 소규모의 캐쥬얼한 분위기에서 강의를 들으며 편하게 질의응답을 할 수 있도록 마련된 시간입니다.

  • 일시: 2019년 7월 5일(금)-6일(토) 주제별 시간대 상이
  • 장소: Expert’s Meeting Zone(2F)

Meet the Expert with Sponsor Date Details
AMGEN 5일(금)
PCSK9 Inhibitor : The New Era of Lipid Lowering Therapy for Secondary ASCVD Prevention - Clinical Use of Evolocumab for Very High-risk ASCVD Patients
:조경훈 / 전남의대
BAYER 5일(금)
A New Anti-thrombotic Treatment in Chronic CAD and/or Symptomatic PAD; Insights from COMPASS Trial
: 이중희 / 영남의대
SAMJIN 5일(금)
중재시술에서 항혈소판제(Clopidogrel)와 NOAC(Apixaban)의 임상적 유용성 고찰
: 김수중 / 경희의대
AstraZeneca 5일(금)
Comparison of Prescription Rates and Clinical Outcomes in ACS Patients Who Underwent PCI using Different P2Y12 Inhibitors in KAMIR
: 박진섭 / 부산의대
MSD 6일(토)
Protecting Patients with CVD in the Future - The Benefit of Ezetimibe/Atorvastatin Combination in Coronary Patients Treatment
: 윤혁준 / 계명의대
Bristol-Myers Squibb 6일(토)
Antithrombotic Therapy for the Patients with AF undergoing Cardiac Interventional Procedures
: Jean-Philippe Collet / Sorbonne Universite. France
MERCK 6일(토)
Pharmacological Intervention using Beta-Blockers: Real-world Evidence for Long-term Effectiveness
: 이종영 / 성균관의대
Daiichi Sankyo 6일(토)
De-escalation Strategy of Anitplatelet Therapy in East Asian Patients
: 강지훈 / 서울의대
PFIZER 6일(토)
Future Perspectives of High Intensity Therapeutics : From High CV Risk to Low Risk with Global Guidelines
: 이장훈 / 경북의대
JEIL 6일(토)
Dual Antiplatelet Therapy - Why We Choose Dual Antiplatelet Therapy
: 최웅길 / 건국의대